Smugglers at Amroth
June 3, 2017

Frisbees and BunsThe boys and I went to Amroth this week and enjoyed our meal at Smugglers. The children love running around in the great pirate ship themed indoor climbing frame. We took a walk along the beach hunting for Frisbee shaped stones to skim across the sea. the boys count the bounces giggling with glee as the energy runs out and it makes lots of small hops before disappearing into the blue. they haven’t quite got the knack yet but enjoy looking for current bun shaped pebbles to make a huge splash, squealing as they run away from the onrushing waves. a trip to Amroth is not cStarfish at Amrothomplete before the youngest has sploshed through the rock pools as I hunt for interesting inhabitants. We were all overjoyed at finding two fantastic starfish, they were only about 5cm from arm to arm but are the first we’ve seen at Amroth and having saw some bigger ones in Saudersfoot last month were both a great find and an indicator of the cleanliness of this stretch of coastline.

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