CCTV and Media Policy


Please note that CCTV is on the caravan park we will not provide images to third parties other than law enforcement bodies to assist them in the detection or prevention of a crime.

If you request footage please ensure you do so within 7 business days of the event as CCTV footage is kept and stored for a limited time. A charge for providing copies of footage may be applicable.

When dealing with individual’s requests for personal data we will carefully consider information about third parties, just as we would if they were mentioned in a document or computer file that was the subject of a request.

Please be aware that if third parties are involved in the footage we may only be able to provide the footage to law enforcement bodies.

Photos and Media

Photos and media maybe taken on Rosehill Caravan Park Ltd

Any photos and media taken by a member of Rosehill Caravan Park Ltd may be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

Rosehill Caravan Park Ltd cannot take responsibility for any photos or media taken or used by third parties.


If you have any issues or concerns regarding our CCTV and Media Policy please contact with the subject “CCTV and Media Policy”